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Great candidates should have:
    • Interest & enthusiasm to serve on the national board
    • Diversity in talents, life experiences and skills in many fields such as, accounting,
     development, marketing, public relations, technology and others

By serving, you will:
    • Develop new skills and leadership abilities
    • Strengthen the community in which you live
    • Apply your skills, talents and expertise to a valued organization

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HSA is looking for members who are committed to the organization and have the talents and skills to guide the strategic vision and mission of The Society.

Those chosen for Board service will participate in an online orientation to help you learn more about The Society’s mission statement, bylaws, operating procedures and guidelines, financials and the current strategic plan and pending items. No one is expected to come on the board and already know these things. Not only is an online orientation provided, but training is provided prior to board meetings and as-needed on a personal level. To be an effective board member it is helpful for you to be familiar with our foundational documents. It is learn as you go and will give you a better appreciation and understanding of The Society and the previous boards and their contributions to building a solid foundation that is based on good business practices, transparency to its members and donors, ethics and responsibilities to the communities it serves and the environment. 

How often does the board meet? The board is required by the bylaws to conduct three meetings a year. In past years, sometimes a fourth meeting is added if special business needs to be conducted. The additional board meeting is scheduled by the board president with the full boards’ approval.

Where Does the Board Meet? Two of the board meetings are held via webinar from the comfort of your home. This requires you to have a computer and Internet connection with microphone capability. All new board members receive training prior to coming on the board. This method of meeting has saved considerable travel funds for The Society.

The board meeting prior to the Annual Meeting of Members and Educational Conference is held at the conference site. Board members arrive prior to the conference to conduct the board meeting which usually lasts two to three days.

How long are the board meetings? All board meetings usually require two days. These meetings will include time for comfort breaks and lunch. An agenda is prepared well in advance of each meeting so that board members know what to expect and how to plan. Webinar meetings are considered just as important as being onsite just as if we are sitting around the conference table. Webinar meetings may take some getting used to in how we handle calling on board members, but the board president ensures that each board member has an opportunity to be called upon.

What is a board meeting like? Whether meeting by webinar or in person, the board president presides over the meeting. The board meeting will set the agenda with the help of the executive director and board members. The board meeting usually contains time prior to the meeting to have facilitation and discussion on a pending issue. This allows ample time for board members to discuss an idea that will allow them time for consideration before voting on something during the board meeting.

How much time does it take? Certainly time commitment is an issue for everyone. Only you will know how you are able to manage your time. Your service on the board requires respect of your fellow board members, staff and committee members. We all have issues in our lives that may take time away from our time to serve on the board. We ask you to be mindful of this and just communicate your needs to the executive director and board president. All positions on the board have a job descprition to help you plan your activities and anticipate deadlines. Additionally, the board maintains an Administrative Calendar with all key dates. Board meetings are scheduled with the board members being notified of the dates well in advance so that any planned activities can be identified and called to the attention of the board president well in advance.

How much will it cost? Financially, board members are asked to make a financial commitment to The Society at a level that is comfortable for you individually. To be a member of The Society’s board does not mean that you must commit to an amount of giving beyond what you are comfortable with. This means $5 to $50,000, whichever fits your needs. The Herb Society of America feels that it is important for board members to lead by example and give to The Society. We have found that it is very hard to ask our members to give if the board does not participate. The amount you give on an annual basis is confidential between you and the executive director.

What about travel required? The board has a budget for board member travel. We have recently reduced the need to travel to board meetings to just the board meeting prior to the Annual Meeting of Members and Educational Conference. Other board meetings are held via teleconference from the comfort of your home. Board members follow the expense reimbursement policy and turn in an expense report for approved travel.

Membership Delegate Travel to District Functions  Each district has their own funds that are raised within the district. These funds may be used for the delegate’s travel to conduct district gatherings and business within the district. Delegates are to be mindful of their district travel needs and expense reporting/budgeting as per the expense reimbursement policy.

Your service to The Herb Society of America and its membership will be very much appreciated!

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